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Google Vision Discovery Network

Google Vision Discovery Network connect people with all around the world visually and make them efficient ,creative and more smarter to finding & searching visual information and also facilitates The Movie/Film Makers, Artists, Musicians, TV & Media producer to get useful resources, imagery, videos and GIS data from the inner ocean to outer space.Well after a long wait our latest TV & Movie Makers production is now shipping!


Google Vision Magic Studio


Google Vision Magic Movie Maker

Young Creatives who want to be Movie maker with youth-driven community through hands-on workshops surrounding the media arts. Google Vision Magic Movie Maker provides unique opportunities for older, more experienced youth to develop leadership skills.Google Vision Magic Movie Maker enables creative filmmakers, digital media artist, actor, singer, dancer in making digital media productions throughout the world by expanding support in a more holistic way.


Become a Global Celebrity

Google Vision Magic Video Editor is now fully automatic! Impress friends and family with a film created from your best camera, smartphone or tablet footage. Magic Music Maker is also working to help through a range of approaches designed to provide the opportunity to develop technical skills for practical applications. In our magic studio,real-world media industry situations (live broadcasts, video editing sessions, production company meetings etc) you will get a complete set of skills and experiences that will allow you to thrive in this competitive field.


Google Vision for Students & Education

Google Vision Network makes you visible world-wide and help you to show your creativity. Google Vision is also working to help through a range of approaches designed to provide poor students,womens with the opportunity to develop technical skills for practical & real time experience. Anyone can be skillful with our complete set of skills and experiences of digital marketing training program

Google Vision Discovery Network: Creative Teens


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Become a Movie/Film Director

Magic Movie Editor is the perfect for the beginning filmmaker. Google Vision Discovery Network gives an overview of all the major stages of making a movie as presented by an amusing chalkboard teacher. It is interspersed with practical ideas that we have learned and found useful in our own film making. These ideas are perfect for a filmmaker on a tight budget with limited resources.